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Social Media Marketing & Advertising Policy

  1. Any ad done via Facebook is a cost directly associated to Facebook and not KSV Marketing, fees paid for advertising using their platform is non-refundable, nor the fee paid to the advertising manager to execute.
  2. The client is required to provide information on their customer base (i.e. demographics, locations etc) so that we may factor in who your physical audience is and combine it into Facebook’s audience insights.
  3. KSV Marketing writes all advertising captions using sales copy writing methods where we abide with the most updated Facebook Policies & Proceedures, if your product cannot be advertised on the platform we accept no responsibility as their is risk involved to be banned.
  4. Any artwork used for adveritising purposes only created by KSV Marketing is the property of the client, any other artworks created for marketing / management purposes are still our propoerty and requires our consent for additional / promotional uses.
  5. Each client will be asked to read, confirm and sign their copy of their social media marketing & advertising contract that will list all the specific details also payment of fees due from the client.
  6. If a refund is requested by the client for our listed packages for marketing & advertising, it will be given for the days we have not served any service to the client; i.e. Paid Facebook Advertising costs & days the client utilized our services, will not be refunded.

Graphic Design Policy

  1. Any works requested equal or greater than TT $500, will result in a 50% down payment to commence design works for the client.
  2. Design drafts will be producted in 1-2 business day or as otherwise stated by our creative director.
  3. Digital copies are emailed to the client in any format requested.
  4. The client is allowed 2 free changes on the selected design draft, any additional requested changes after the 1st 2 changes will be a TT $50 charge per change.
  5. KSV Marketing artworks are designed in exact hexadeicmal codes which represent the true color you see on your digital files, any variation or incorrect printing is at the fault of the printery the client selects.
  6. For logo designs, the client is encouraged to get your final logo design copyrighted.

Website Design Policy

For this service to commence, a 50% non-refundable payment is due and the client is required to provide all relevant info to begin works where a 1st draft will be completed in 3-4 business days.

  1. Upon the presentation of the draft the client is asked to review in a timely manner & clearly request the changes needed to the website.
  2. Once the final changes are made and the client approves, the final 50% payment is required to be made to commence the handover of the website to the client’s private account.
  3. The client is responsible & will be guided on which premium plan is best to purchase to upgrade the website, KSV Marketing’s web design fee does not cover the premium plan cost / paid domain.
  4. Our small branding at the bottom of your website’s footer page is our trademark that we will contine to provide technical support to the client once the mark remains on the site.
  5. Any additional features / elements to be added into the website during construction or after will result in an additional cost where the client will be notified.
  6. KSV Marketing assumes no responsibility for client changes / errors done to the site after the handover.
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